Tips and Guidance


The ANOA Shipping Tag is built to last, but you must keep the clear window clean to ensure the courier's electronic scanner can read the barcoded shipping label. Carriers sometimes put sticky labels or use markers on the window.


Use soap and water or general adhesive removers like Goo Gone, etc


WD-40, rubbing alcohol, and baking soda are all efficient cleaning agents.

Skinny Handled Baggage

If the neck of the tag isn't tight around the handle, don't fret. Just make sure the strap is engaged through the belt loop.

No Need to Remove the Tag

If you are re-shipping the same baggage, just swap out the shipping label.

Open a Shipping Account

All carriers allow you to create labels and schedule pickups online or by calling customer service.

Check with your employer. Many companies will allow employees to align their accounts with their Corporate discount.

Either way, get an account!

Address Window

Make sure your ID is also included in the identification window on side two of the tag.

Use It for Airline Travel, Too!

Let's face it, a lot of luggage looks the same. The ANOA Shipping Tag is noticeable when attached to suitcases on the airport carousel! It doubles as a standard luggage tag, as well. Please watch our videos to learn the process and ship your items.